Ready To Take Your Time Back

Your life is not one-size-fits-all. So why use a cookie-cutter organization list ripped from the pages of a home magazine? You have unique opportunities to build each day the way you want it. With Tick Tock Concierge, you receive highly personalized service from a staff who understands your desire to go beyond a simple checkbox. We customize and optimize your time exactly where you need it, when you need it, with attention to the finer points and follow-up care for any unexpected tasks.

Program Options

Subscription Membership

Don’t you just love subscription services?

We just push the Netflix button and shows and movies are at the tip of our fingers.

Subscription services make our lives so much easier!⠀

It’s the exact same service with our concierge subscription service...


You push a button and have access to all our services: Here are just a few we offer...

▫️Grocery shopping

▫️Personal Assistants ▫️Housekeepers, landscapers, handymen, etc...▫️Private transportation ▫️Errand Runners▫️Home checks ▫️Pet checks ▫️Travel Planning ▫️Personal Shoppers ▫️Dining & Activity Reservations ▫️Personal Organizer ▫️Party Planner ▫️and SO much more.


Just like the subscription services you are used to-you can cancel anytime, the hours never expire and we keep up with our time in 15 min increments. 


How it works:

1. Sign up, get access to our private portal, and get assigned your very own personal concierge.

2. Pre-pay for 4 hours of service. Hours NEVER expire and are billed in 15 min increments. 

3. Send requests in via whatever method that works for you= email, text, call or through the portal

4. Use hours for anything you want. Business, personal, etc...

5. When your account gets down to 1/2 hour left your account will automatically re-load another 4 hours. 

6. Additional services provided by our “ book of outside vendors” are an additional cost. We do provide estimates for these services. 

7. Cancel anytime you want with a 2-week notice (unused time is not refundable).

A La Carte Services

All of our services can be ordered A La Carte (Pay As You Go). A membership subscription is recommended for better rates on routine or ongoing needs.