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10 Activity Ideas While You're Staying Home

Updated: Mar 21, 2021


We all need a minute to breathe and take in how quickly our daily lives just changed. With all of us social distancing for our own safety and the safety of the public I figured I would share a list of activities, you can do to pass time at home.

1. Handwritten Notes: If you know me at all you know I love handwritten notes. They are a breath of fresh air anytime and especially right now. Write your friends, loved ones or clients a note of encouragement and love.

2. Vision Board: There's no better time to take time to reflect on what you want your life to look and feel like. Get to cutting those old magazines up and create a vision board to look at every day.

3. Workout: Move your body 30 mins every day in some sort of way. This helps fight depression and anxiety. There are lots of platforms that offer a free month free (I personally use the Peloton App). A lot of local gyms and studios are offering streaming workouts as well which is a great option to support a small business.

4. Virtual Dates: Now's the time to use the amazing technology we have. Have a coffee date, cocktail hour or meal with friends and family. Platforms I love for this are Facetime (they must have an iPhone), Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout. I did this the other day for a cocktail hour and had the best time. It's so nice to feel connected even if it's not physically.

5. Baking/Cooking: Practice makes perfect. You're eating at home so why not make it fun. I've got a couple of favorite food bloggers to provide inspiration. Sweetpea Lifestyle has so many great ideas for easy recipes and even is showing you how to have a virtual supper club!

A Spicy Perspective has the most amazing collection of recipes on her website and you can easily search them by ingredient or by meal

6. Learning: I know some of you are having to homeschool while juggling everything else, but for those of you who have the time it can be a really fun time to learn something new you've been interested in. Teachable and Skillshare are both wonderful platforms that you can take classes on anything from design, writing, photography/film, business etc...

7. Echo: Most of our homes have Alexa via Echo. Did you know you can play games via Alexa? Get the whole family to join in on all the fun. Here's a fun list of all the games you can play. If you have been wanting to grab a cheap little echo dot snag it here.

8. Enneagram: If you don't know your number nows the time to do it! It's so fun to find out not only your number but your friends, family, and partners. If you want to know all the things via this check out my expert friend Sara Jane Case. Take your free test here and then read all about your number here.

9.Organize/Purge: You had to know I was going to mention this. It's the perfect time to try your clothes on, go through what you haven't worn and swap your winter closet to your spring one. If you have items that are in good shape donate or sell online via platforms like Poshmark, eBay etc...Go through expired food, makeup, and medicine as well. Check out my last blog on my favorite kitchen organizational items.

10. Pinterest: I know I know you're thinking Kara come on, but while I'm home I'm using it to create boards for rooms I'm wanting to work on in my house. I've been so busy I've neglected home projects and Pinterest helps me put all my ideas for each room in one place while gathering inspiration. If you want to follow me to gather ideas click here. Hit me up and I'll follow you back to see all your fabulousness.

I hope these ideas help pass some time and keep the stir craziness away. I'm always here to chat and support. The best place to catch me is via IG or email (



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