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Kara's Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Here's the list of items I want for Christmas (besides Izzie) 2019. Most of these items are already on my list to Santa or I already own (so you know they are good). Happy shopping!

  1. Apple Watch Band- I love changing up the bands on my apple watch and this one is a bit more dressy than my workout bands.

  2. Lake Pajamas- The best gift for anyone on your list. They really are the best pjs ever!

  3. Slip pillowcase to keep your hair healthy and smooth.

  4. Poop Bag Carrier- Yep if you're going to be walking Fido do it in style. I love how classy these look.

  5. Humidifer for travel- I like this because I struggle with allergies and you can even add aromotherapy to this one.

  6. Wine Chiller- Neutral and beautiful. This one makes the perfect gift.

  7. Slip Silk Hair tie- No kinks in your pony tail.

  8. Sonos - The new Move speaker... I can't think of a reason why not.

  9. Flask2go- perfect for any occasion

  10. Patchology- I love anything made by this company. These eye patches make you look refreshed and ready.

  11. Epic Phantom React Flyknit Running Shoe- I love the way these look and bonus they are slip on.

  12. LV Card Holder-I love how slim and simple this is. It's perfect for a license and 2 cards .

  13. Small Travel Pouch- You'll have a blast customizing this perfect size pouch with all the options they have.

14. Nest x Yale Lock- Perfect for providing access to your home.

15. Nest Outdoor Cameras- I'm a techy and love these cameras. I never have to worry about wondering who's at the front door.

16. Tick Tock Gift Card or Subscription Service - EVERYONE needs more time.



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