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5 Reasons to Use Tick Tock For Travel Planning

  1. Utilizing a Tick Tock saves you time on research- isn't saving time what it's all about? You can spend hours researching dining, lodging and activities in Asheville and other cities. Don't rely on Yelp to tell you where to eat, drink and stay.

  2. Booking through your concierge ensures you're getting your preferred days and times for dining, activities and private transportation. Waiting to the last minute to book can limit your availability and take away from your experience.

  3. Tick Tock will provide you with insider knowledge on how long it will take to get to from point A to point B, where NOT to go and give you special little tips like where to get the perfect photo or what to order off the menu.

  4. Show up and enjoy with a custom itinerary sent straight your inbox. We always detail each day for you and your guests so the only decision you have to make is which drink to order.

  5. You're supporting a small business that employs locals and supports other local businesses with your bookings. Doesn't that make you feel good?



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