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6 Things You Can Do To Set Your Week Up For Success:


We know how chaotic our weeks can get. These small yet simple ideas will pack a punch with making your week more successful.

1. Schedule Your Workouts: Putting your workouts on the calendar ensures that you are making time for it. Remember how much we love time blocking here at Tick Tock. ⠀

2. Think Through Your Meals: Will you be eating at home? If so do you need groceries? One of our most used services is grocery shopping.

3. Plan Your Outfits- Pickout 2-4 outfits for the week. Not having to think about what you are going to wear saves brain energy which you can put to use on something more important during your day.

4. Do A Clean Sweep: Run through the house and put-up random shoes, mail, jackets etc... This is essentially what we do during our Signature Tidy Service.⠀

5. Set Reminders/Alarms: If you have things to remember/do this week use your phone and set those reminders. Or you can just have our virtual concierge manage these items.⠀

6. Get To Bed Early: Sleep! It's what you need to keep your body from getting sick and to perform on a higher level. Tips on getting better sleep are not looking at any screens an hour before bed, take a bath or shower, use aromatherapy in a diffuser and meditate on what you want your morning to look like.



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