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7 Things To Get Rid of This Month

 1. Holiday Decor- You know that elf you haven't put out in 3 years.

2. Paper Clutter- We love cutting down on paper in our client's homes. We can assist with setting up digital files and systems to keep you organized and paper-free.

3. Old Clothes- If you didn't wear it this past year it's time to let someone else wear it. We will purge and make piles for donation, consignment and be thrown away.

4. Old Food in the Pantry- Let's clean out expired food or food that doesn't suit your food goals for 2020.

5. Old Bedding- Don't hold on to stained and piled sheets for that one time that Aunt Suzzy visits. Purge, purchase and we will fold complete sheet sets together and label the linen closet.

6. Old Beauty Products- Facial products do have expirations and lose effectiveness after they have been sitting for long periods of time.

7. Electronics/Cords & Chargers- We will take your old electronics to the appropriate places to dispose of them. 

If you want someone to handle these projects for you click here



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