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Fighting the Sunday Scaries

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

The Sunday scaries can start creeping in if you don't know how to prepare for the week ahead. These 5 simple tips can put your mind at ease for the week ahead without doing too much work on your day off.

1. Review your calendar (both personal and work). Take a quick peek at your calendar and make sure you don’t need to cancel, add or adjust any items. Don't let looking at the calendar stress you out. Remember you are in control of your time. Be the CEO of your time bank.

2. Make a to-do list for Monday. Make a quick to-do list on Sunday while you're calm and relaxed instead of doing it on Monday morning when you're already starting to feel stressed out. This will allow you to begin your week more efficiently.

3.Time Block (Batching) your calendar for the week. Make sure to do this on not just your Monday to-do list but everyday. Block out time to check and respond to emails, conference calls, research work etc...Want more information on time blocking/batching? Click here to read a previous blog on this.

4. Make a Delegation List. We've been talking about the "D" word all week long on instagram .Delegation is one of the key tools to growing. This takes practice so start with 1-2 small items and work your way up to handing over larger projects.

5. Input vs Output. Mondays are always centered about our output mode. How much work can you crank out. Make your Sunday about input. Feed your creativity and soul so you you're ready to give Monday your best effort.



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