How I Keep My Anxiety Under Control

Updated: Mar 16

I‘ve had anxiety come and go throughout my life since I was in middle school. At times it was very present for long periods of time and others times it would come and go in waves. At one point I was prescribed a very light dose of anxiety medicine to control it. I went on a journey to find natural methods to help with my anxiety. I’m not a doctor and am just sharing what helped me personally.

1. Working out- Get those endorphins going by working up a sweat or taking a walk around the block. I strive to workout for 30 minutes 5 days a week. Get fresh air and sunshine as often as possible.

2. Therapy- It took me a long time to become a fan but after I gave into it I have found it so amazing to have someone to talk to privately. It’s my hour to talk about anything I want.

3. Routine- Keeping a routine helps keep me calm and focused. Morning and evening rituals/routines are extremely helpful. Getting plenty of sleep and limiting my screen time is huge for me.

4. Chiropractic Care- I get adjusted by my chiropractor at Radius once a week. They use the integrator tool method. This lowers my stress levels and keeps my body running at a high level. I’ve been sick way less since I’ve implemented this into my life.

5. CBD- I ordered a kit from Equilibria and notice that when used regularly it lowers my vibration of anxiety. I really love the relief cream and daily drops (use their free dosage consultant).

6. Gratitude x Affirmation- As a part of my morning routine I write out my gratitude and affirmations/goals. This helps keep my focus on all the amazing things in my life I am so grateful for and reminds me of all the good things I’m working towards.

7. Friends- I’ve always been one to have a ton of acquaintances and a small circle of friends. The friends I have are super close to me. Spending quality time with them helps me laugh and keep things in perspective.

I hope you try some of these methods. Let me know if any of them help you. Please share any tips you have used!

Xx, Kara