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How I Start My New Year

I've never been one of those people to make a bunch of New Year resolutions. I always felt like they were just something you were supposed to do and no one hardly ever followed through with them.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to real estate agent Keven Stirdivant out of California on IG who was also providing motivation and coaching. He started a podcast and one of the episodes was on the 7 Equities of Life

He mentioned creating his intentions for the New Year based on the 7 Equities and I loved that idea versus coming up with resolutions. Every year right before the start of the New Year I take a little quiet time to reflect on the previous year and I list out the 7 Equities and make a list by each one with my intentions.

The order in which the 7 Equities are listed below are on purpose and they supposed to stay in that order.

7 Equities of Life:

  1. Mind

  2. Body

  3. Soul

  4. Family

  5. Friends

  6. Business

  7. Money

I hope this gives you a new perspective on starting off a New Year with intention.

Here's to 2021!