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How I Start My Morning

  1. My alarm is set automatically Monday through Friday for 5:30 AM (if you struggle to get up that early try Mel Robbins 5, Second Rule).

  2. I immediately open the drapes and blinds to allow the light to come in and jump-start my circadian rhythm for the day.

  3. I do not look at my cell for at least 30 minutes after I wake up (after my reading & gratitude). If you start looking at your emails, texts, and social media it kicks your cortisol levels into high gear (75% off the time I'm good about this).

  4. I let Izzie out, feed her, make my coffee (Pink Himalayn salt, Collagen powder, L- Theanine, cinnamon), and set a timer for 20 mins to settle in for my reading. I'm currently reading Dream Big by Bob Goff.

  5. After reading I write in my 5 Minute Journal (they have an app too). I believe gratitude creates joy and happiness even when I'm not feeling it.

  6. Then I move my body for 30 minutes. Some days it's just a walk and sometimes it's a Peloton workout or ride.

I know this sounds like a lot but honestly, it only takes me 1 hour to do it all. Keeping a morning routine helps keep me grounded and starts my day off in the right mind frame.

I'd love to hear your morning routine. Please share them in the comments.



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