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My Top 7 Productivity Apps

My wheels never stop (literally my car is always on the go). I need apps that I can use quickly to keep my productivity up when I'm on the go. Here are 7 apps I use on a regular basis to help streamline my work day

  • Social Media is a crucial party of any business. I generally try to plan out my social media posts at a minimum 1 week out. It's personal preference but posting everyday is way too time consuming for me and would be for any small business. On Sundays I like to sit down with a glass of wine in a quiet space and plan out my social posts by using an app called Buffer. I can put in all the content, pictures, choose the platforms (twitter, LinkedIn, facebook, Instagram and others) and then set the date and time for the content to post. There are other apps that offer similar services like Hootsuite, Loomly, Sprout etc...

  • Every week we have many projects and workers out in the field which creates a lot to keep up with. Currently we are using Square to schedule our clients and workers. I'm still searching for a better platform ( I recently tried out Homebase- but didn't love it) but for right now it works. I like that it emails and texts our clients when they book and reminds them of their appointments. This helps cut down on cancelations which keeps our schedule more fluid. The Square app also allows my workers to clock in and out digitally. This provides accuracy when we are billing our clients and when I'm paying my workers.

  • I keep up with my invoicing, estimates and payments with our Quickbooks app. This makes it easy for me to run customized reports, receive payments, invoice clients and allows me see the companies financial health quickly. I like that I can connect my accountant so they can always been in the loop on what's going on with us financially.

  • Over the past year we changed our website over from wordpress to Wix. This has been a game changer for me to update pictures, content and forms easily. I really love the chat feature they offer and their app keeps me in the loop on how many site visitors we have and allows us to easily answer questions during business hours via the chat feature.

  • MileIQ keeps my rolling along with my day without having to worry about keeping up with a driving log. They make it simple with swiping left for personal trips and right for business. You can run monthly or annual reports which is great to shoot over to the accountant at the end of the year for taxes.

  • We often have the need to send out document to clients that require signatures, dates, text fields etc... Currently I'm using SignNow but there are other programs like Docusign, Hellosign and Jotform that you can use. Signnow has an app which makes it easy to upload documents and send them out for electronic signatures. Gone are the days of printing, signing and scanning.

  • I talk to Siri more than almost anyone else in my life. I tell her "Siri remind me to call Mrs. Jones at 3pm" I ask her to remind me to do so many things, I ask her to add items to my To-Do list and so on. I'll be driving along and have an idea or remember I need to do something so being able to ask her to add those items to my list keep me on top of follow ups and checking off all those items I've got to accomplish on a daily basis.

I'm always looking for the latest greatest in apps and technology. If you have any apps you are really loving for work please send them my way.



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