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Rainy Day Activities in Asheville

There's nothing worse than racking your brain on what to do when it's a monsoon outside. Enjoy these ideas and please feel free to comment with some of your favorites as well!

1. Catch a movie at one of my 3 favorite spots: Asheville Pizza Company (purchase tickets for $3 each very early in the day then go back about 45 mins early to order a funky chicken pizza and a rocket girl beer), Grail Moviehouse (eat next-door at Little Bee Thai and make sure to grab Poppy popcorn at the concession stand) or the Fine Arts Theatre (head next door to Barley's Taproom to eat and play darts or pool).

2. Play board games at Well Played. Not only do they have over 600 games they have a full menu from sandwiches, drinks (beer/wine/coffee) and desserts.

3. Axeville Throwing Club. what's better than a bar with axes? Don't worry they will keep you safe. Just remember it's only for ages 18 and up.

4. The Asheville Kitchen might be one of my favorite activities to do. It's great for a group of friends, a date or flying solo to meet new people. Make sure to book ahead on their website.

5. The Asheville Art Museum is newly renovated (re-opening this summer 2019).

6. I'll never say no to a spa day. Rainy days make spa days even more enjoyable. 3 favorite locations to relax are: Grove Park Inn (call to check availability if you're a non-overnight guest), Spa Theology and Sensibilities Spa.



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