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For years we’ve been told multi-tasking was the key to productivity. It’s a LIE from the pit of HELL…

multi-tasking = being busy NOT productive.Multi-tasking will rob you of your peace and bliss. Multi-tasking can create stress which pumps cortisol (the stress hormone) through your body. This can have a detrimental effect on your health in the long term (depression, weight gain, decreased heart health, increased blood pressure…you know, the small stuff!). A Harvard Study on multitasking showed that students IQ reduced to the level of an 8 year old! It literally makes you less intelligent. Multi tasking can reduce our IQ by 15 points.

Do yourself a favor and remove multi-tasking and hustle out of your vocabulary. Let’s stop praising people for buring the candle at both ends and being so frazzled they have to drink caffeine at all hours to keep up with the “grind.”

Ok what do we do instead? Mono-tasking. Say it with me- M-O-N-O-T-A-S-K-I-N-G. Meaning focusing on one task at a time. When focusing on one task at a time see it through to completion.


Tips on How To Mono-Task:

  1. Don’t look at your phone first thing in the am: This can set you into a reactive tail spin. Try to wait an hour before looking at your phone. Try reading which is a great exercise to improve mono-tasking.

  2. Create your TO-DO List for the day: I recommend the Ivy Lee Method: Write down your 6 priority tasks you have to get done. Put them in order of importance. Only work on 1 task at a time and don’t go to the next one until you have completed the one prior. If you don’t get them all done move them to the next days list.

  3. Reduce distractions: Turn your cell on FOCUS mode. This is my FAV thing about the apple updates. Consider blocking “focus time” on your schedule everyday. Reward yourself after completing tasks with your social media or other distractions.

  4. Keep your work areas organized and clean. Messes equal distractions. Have a space that feels good to work in so you can get straight to checking off those tasks.

  5. Work on your task list when you have the most energy. If you’re a morning person work on it then vice versa if you’re a night owl.

  6. Beware of when you’re slipping back into multi-tasking habits. Being aware is the key to catch it and change the behavior.


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