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Concierge Subscription Service

Your life is not one-size-fits-all. You have unique opportunities to build each day the way you want it. Subscription Service gives you concierge services at your fingertips.


Here's How it Works:

  1. Sign up, get access to your private portal and get assigned your very own personal concierge. 

  2. Pre-pay for 4 hours of service. Hours NEVER expire. All projects have a 30 minute minimum and are billed in 15 minute increments after that. 

  3. Use your hours for any of our services (services provided by our “book of outside vendors” is an additional cost. We will provide estimates for these services if requested.  

  4. When your account gets down to 1/2 hour left your account will automatically re-load another 4 hours of time. 

  5. Subscription members must have a minimum of 2 reoccurring monthly appointments with thie

  6. Cancel anytime you want with a 2 week notice (unused time is not refundable).

Ready To Get Started?

Subscription Services:​

  • 31 Point Absentee Home Care with Date and Time Stamped Electronic Reports

  • Pre-Arrival Home Setup 

  • Departure Home Check

  • Errand Running 

  • Grocery Shopping/ Delivery

  • Delivery Acceptance

  • Wait Service

  • Organizational Services

  • Research

  • Travel Planning 

  • Vendor Services(transportation,  handyman, cleaning, landscapers etc…)

  • Renovation/ Project Management

  • And More


Kind Words from Rick & Paula 


"Tick Tock Concierge gives us peace of mind to know that our home is secure while we are away. This provides us no hesitation in making plans at a moments notice. From handling a leaking hot water heater to having our home cleaned while we were away when Tick Tock handles anything for our household, it's as if we have an additional member of our family handling our day-to-day tasks. We value highly the attention to detail and security that Kara & her team provides."

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