Tick Tock Concierge provides services to The Cliffs as part of the Cliffs Community.  Services are arranged through the Members' Site.  We provide services for the following Cliffs Communities:

The Cliffs at Glassy

The Cliffs at Mountain Park

The Cliffs Valley

The Cliffs at Walnut Cove

Let us be your guide to enjoying life at The Cliffs with our Lifestyle Concierge Service!

We’ll manage the cooking, cleaning, shopping, errand running, trip planning, boat renting, and more so that you can relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends.
And while you’re away, we are happy to help with your pets, plants, boat and home, or have it all ready before you arrive. Just ask, and consider it done! The Cliffs Lifestyle Concierge Service provides a convenient option for many of the tasks you may not always enjoy or have time for. Services include, but are not limited to:

Home Services


  • Preparing your home for return visits to The Cliffs

  • Preparing your home for guests

  • In-home Chef service or meal preparation

  • House cleaning and laundry services

  • Dog walking services

  • Home visits, mail collection, and plant care while away

  • Home maintenance appointments, including waiting for power, internet, cable TV installation and deliveries

  • Lawn care and landscaping needs

  • Vendor recommendations 


Out & About

  • Running errands (groceries, dry cleaning, gift shopping)

  • Assisting in planning your vacation to The Cliffs or anywhere else

  • Dining reservations (outside The Cliffs)

  • Picnics and meal planning

  • Party planning

  • Car, private jet rentals, and transportation needs


The Cliffs Lifestyle Concierge services are provided in partnership with Tick Tock Concierge.  Requests must be submitted through the Cliffs:


To Contact Lisa Wiznitzer, The Cliffs Lifestyle Concierge, at 864.947.3427 or email LifestyleConcierge@cliffsliving.com