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Escape to a Staycation

There can be many reasons why you can't go away for a break this spring. The heat pump went out unexpectedly and blew your budget, you don't have enough vacation time at work, your kids go to different schools that have different spring matter what the reason you can still have a mini break by having a staycation!

Here are my top reasons for taking a STAYCATION:::

1. Spend Less Time Traveling: Traveling as fun as it is requires a big chunk of time whether it's by driving, having plane delays. Those delays eat into those precious days off from work. Bonus you will also spend less time packing since!

2. Less Time Planning: Forget all those hours googling activities, scrolling IG for the best dining and scheduling your transportation (unless you used an amazing concierge- shameless plug). Your staycation will require much less time on the front end as you probably already know what's in your city. There's a lot more flexibility by not feeling pressured to go and see everything thing. Make your staycation all about relaxing.

3. Explore Your City: Go try that new restaurant you've been meaning to try but haven't yet, book a fun tour that you wouldn't normally take, schedule an in-room massage and check out the latest chic boutique.

4. Save Money: When traveling you always spend more money on little things you don't think of. There's always lots of eating out and of course all those fun adult beverages. I recommend staying at a hotel that has a mini kitchen where you can bring items for breakfast, snacks and of course your favorite bottle of wine.

5. Stay at a Luxury Rental House or a Boutique Hotel: This will make your staycation really feel like you're away from the ordinary. Waking up in a new space will change your mindset and who doesn't love someone that will come and tidy up your room. Check with your hotel for a locals discount for your stay.

If you decide to take a staycation let me know how it goes! Remember breaks away from normal routines don't have to be extravagant and expensive.



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