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How To Enjoy Fall in Asheville

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Fall is my very favorite season. Throw on the denim jacket, pull on the booties and roll out to some of my favorite Fall activities:

  1. Head over to Stepp's Hillcrest Orchard or Grandad's Apples for apple picking, donuts and hot apple cider. Be photo ready you won't want to miss taking pictures!

  2. For you adults make sure to post up for adult hard cider tastings at Nobel, Urban Orchard or Bold Rock.

  3. Grab a seat on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. They offer a fall foliage ride or the Peanuts Great Pumpkin Patch Ride. Hurry tickets don't last long for either.

  4. Order a picnic basket from Rhu and head out to the parkway. For selecting the best spots and hikes click here.

  5. Take a fly fishing lesson from Hunter Banks (I hear the fish bite more when it's not so hot!) or zip through the fall foliage with Navitat or KidZip for the smaller ones.

  6. Drive…Just take a drive up the Parkway, blast the tunes and roll the windows down!

  7. Spend the day driving up to Cashiers and Highlands NC. Stop at Bucks Coffee in Cashiers first for a coffee and breakfast snack. Head up another 15 mins or so and stop into Lonesome Valley for a photo in front of the epic sheer rock face view. Continue into Highlands (about 30 mins) and park anywhere on main street. Walk around all the local shops; but make sure to stop in Acorns and Bardo (my favorite home stores) then have lunch at Mountain Fresh or Ugly Dog and then follow it up an afternoon cocktail or glass of wine outside at The Wine Garden.




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